Monday, February 27, 2012

monday blues

shoe per diem feb 26, 2012 - borderline spring

Not blue as in having the blues, not at all, but I have to bow my head in a bit of shame and look at my blue boots - I completely forgot about an afternoon appointment I had today. Luckily it wasn't with a prospective client - phew - nor an appointment I have to pay a not-showing-up-charge for - phew again - but still. I have never ever missed a meeting or appointment just because I forgot, until now. And I really hate wasting other people's time, as much as I hate when someone wastes mine.

It will not happen again. And I really really have to get into the routine of checking the Filofax at least every Sunday evening... Plus I could have made a remind-me in iPhone of course. I blame my slight absent-mindedness on working. Which makes it semi-alright, in some little way, I suppose. And I guess missing an appointment/meeting was meant to happen sooner or later, at least once in a lifetime.

On yesterday's post - ya'know, however lovely it would be to have such a fabulous chair or similar to it of my own, I wouldn't dream on spending that kind of money on a chair. My home and life is simply not built for grand pieces of furniture like that. And even if wallet permitted I would not anyway, there are better ways to spend money or treat yourself, I think, but it is indeed a dreamy and crazy lovely piece, I know.

I'm so predictable, in the ways of treating myself, so let's say it's both a thing of prettiness, colour, usefullness, wearability and not something I strictly need or lack. I'm guessing the thing I ordered or not will show up later this week or not, but I'm thinking it will not show up in blog until this project of mine is finished in, now less than, two weeks. And I will definitely not be wearing or not the thing I ordered or not until spring has properly arrived...

I'm also delighted, just delighted to hear that some of you have decided to get the bobbaloos food & drink adventures book! I do hope you enjoy it, best done so in the company of a yummy cake, or at least so I've heard ~

shoe per diem feb 20, 2012


Elephant's Child said...

My guess is new foot wear.

Poppy Q said...

Ohhh I love your blue boots. Perfect for chasing the blues away. Can't believe it is our last summers day tomorrow.

Julie and Poppy Q

Lola Nova said...

I am absolutely smitten with your boots, both pairs! and yes, missing an appointment once is expected in a lifetime :)

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