Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the pia day


Admittedly I had forgot it was my name day today, February 22. But my mum came by with a little awesome gift (I'll show it another day) and a semla (yesterday's semla was better than expected, but not as good as the bananza one today). Not that name days is a big deal really, but it's nice with any wee excuse to celebrate a little, wouldn't you agree?

M, the absent minded mister, had completely forgotten about it being the Pia-day though - I will try and look pass that, be magnanimous and get him a little something for his name day in a few days. Because the older you get, the more fun it is to give things rather than receiving. Giving a gift is double the fun.

Other than that I basically spend my days writing, writing, writing and when I'm not writing I'm thinking about what I should write about. What I have been writing about will be revealed in about three weeks now I should think. It's pretty much all absorbing, it was meant to be part time, but as it is a neat way to get an income - granted not at all the decent income I aim for having, but still better than recently as well as better than I had initially budgeted for Prosit's first months - so I've worked hard and full-time instead, and hopefully it'll be for good credentials. Three more weeks then it's bye to this assignment and I'll be available for new clients.

To be honest I'm a bit too tired and pre-occupied to be chirpy and call that oh-I-want-this phone-call just now -

side note, I know, I do know, I'm completely and utter silly about this, I don't mind you point that out at all, it needs to be pointed out, though I am ridiculously aware of my daftness here. But I love my e-mail and irl-meetings, can't we just skip the thing called phonecalls for good? -

and be in a better mood when this assignment is well over. The future belongs to procrastinators. That is a fact of life.

I'm also very very grateful for being able to work from home right now, because the weather is simply awful right now, the beautiful snow has turned into slosh which then has turned into ice, temperatures around +-0, roads are icy hell and there have many many unavoidable car accidents these past few days and I'd imagine many broken legs on icy, treacherous streets... So the comfort of working from home is great in many many ways.

I also love the fact that all this writing simply fuels my passion for writing, in most anyway imaginable, I'm not picky with this, it doesn't have to be long, clever, intriguing, advanced, intellectual, pretty much any kind of wording will do. It's wonderful and magical somehow.

When this assignment is done, I will once again open my feed reader... and hopefully not be completely appalled by the number of blogposts that have appeared there. And I'll get reading and commenting again, because I have the time again, but  most of all because I know I want to.

It's been a good name day, very unpretentious, but good. And tasty. And loafie. And full of sweet kitten cuddles. Really, what more could one wish for?

ztina sezincote


heidikins said...

Happy Pia Day!!


Unknown said...

Happy Pia Day! It always seems better to give than receive. Enjoy every little joy, life is too short, if you don't. Every positive step, is a giant step towards what you want to achieve.

Unknown said...

"Giving is double the fun." Indeed!

Happy Pia Day!

Elephant's Child said...

Happy Pia Day. And with loaf dog and furry enchantment you have a lot of what a person needs.

Angella said...

How did I miss Pia Day??!! I hope it was the happiest regardless. :)

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