Friday, February 24, 2012

have a pawpy colourful weekend


Wishing everyone well-deserving a most pawpy and colourful weekend.


I'm going to spend mine sleeping, working and with little friends, which pretty much is what an ordinary week holds - oh and have something nice to eat, but that goes without saying of course.

Have a lovely one ~



Fuzzy Tales said...

Your weekend sounds terrific, enjoy!

There's a national cat show in town this weekend (annual) and I'm going to that, looking forward to it!

pärlbesatt said...

Men guuud så fina de äääär!! Där kan du tala om prinsessor och stjärnor (sorry, jag kunde inte låta bli).

Elephant's Child said...

The furs and the bobaloos are enchanting. Have a wonderful weekend.

Fida Bosu said...

My boy, Prince was having flu.. so brought him to the vet and now he's better.
Hope you have a purrfect weekend!
~Live, Laugh, Love~

Poppy Q said...

Your kitten photos are delightful Miss Pia. Poppy is in the cattery and I went to a concert to see Rod Stewart, a good weekend.

Julie Q

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