Monday, February 13, 2012

red gore-tex inuit boots


I'm not one to make a big fuss of the commercialized Valentine's Day, will not this year either. I will however make this week a very red one be it Valentine's or not. Because I've notice there have been a lot of red around in my life lately - it's been a while since the vacuum and the toaster etc - and because beautiful coloured things deserve to be shared.


First out is a new pair of red boots. One thing my shoe-wardrobe is actually missing (or now, have missed) is a pair of rainboots (the ones I have are just terribly uncomfortable for proper long walks and days). So I can't help but being smitten by this is a pair of Gore-tex boots that would actually comfortably fit a discerning pair of feet. And have been ogling them in purple (of all colours) on the website since last autumn, but alas my size was sold out since the start. And even if they were gorgeous (of course) in red, I already had a pair of red boots in the exact same hue, so they weren't really an option. Or so I thought.


I've sold a few old mistake shoe buys-wrong size-never worn recently and ahem, what better way to use those money than on a pair of new shoes? I mean, cleansing, selling, getting a pair of new shoes but still downsizing the shoe wardrobe, win win win. Missed out on a fabulous pair of red bottines on sale recently, so when I was reminded that El Naturalista still had an ongoing online sale I looked at this pair (Inutit Gore-tex) again. And wouldn't it be nice to have something extraordinarily perky when the weather turns slush and rainy rainy days?


They are of a lovely wellington model. And, needless to say, the discerning eye of course notices the striking difference of model, old Iggdrasil (sorry old boots, I never did get around writing a proper post about you alone) vs new Inuit. Slightly slimmer and with other neat little details. Apart from the Gore-tex feature of course. I will stick to my blues for a while - oh how I heart them! A perfect perfect model - and save these for a rainy rainy day, no pun intended I'm sure.


--- I also want to mention that there's one thing I'm less than happy with regarding the buy. It's the fact that I clicked the sale-still-on-link I got in the email from El Naturalista, it clearly showed the prices for Sweden. I was however not able to finish the buy until I had fiddled about with the buttons and suddenly the price for the boots had increased with 28.70 euro for Sweden. Utterly annoying and a sale-trick I do not appreciate at all. I took a screen print with the sale price I got from them in the email, sent it to the customer services and got a dumb and useless reply. I'm happy about the boots, less than happy about such... let's say, less than satisfying customer service... ---


Unknown said...

Alas, we all need boots for all seasons! It wouldn't be a "shoe" collection, without some additions!'s only money! (LOL) and what the heck, they look great!

Elephant's Child said...

I am not a shoe fan, but these might convert me.
Customer service seems to be an issue the world over. Humph.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Red is just so beautiful. I am nearly sorry not to be able to wear such neat boots, in my climate, unfortunately, they are not needed.

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