Thursday, February 02, 2012

groundhog day 2012 ~


I spent my Groundhog Day selling a pair of shoes - yes, El Naturalista, sadly the model just didn't fit my feet, now someone will be happy with her new shoes come spring -

walking around Stockholm city in a semi-blizzard, rekindling with a tiny but awesome vegetarian restaurant (more of later) - I used to frequent a lot for lunch when I was working in the vicinity. Many years ago now but I was so happy to see and experience that the place and its delish food had pretty much not changed a bit. And the queues were still long outside. Despite the weather -

for lunch, then back home for some more work.

I've snuggled kittens and I've drunk several cups of tea. All and all quite a decent and productive day. Now I'll have a reasonably early night and prepare for that walk-and-talk-networking tomorrow morning - waaay to early for me, but hopefully it'll be a for a good cause - so I'll leave you with the question of the day; who do you believe, Punxsutawney Phil or Wiarton Willie with friends, a longer winter or an early spring?


RedPat said...

I'm going with Willie! Come on Spring!

Jagger said...

Ah... winter in good ol' Scandinavia.
I'm sippin my coconut milk over here in Hawaii! MOAHAHAHA no Norwegian winter for me!

Head over to my blog to check out some photos.

Elephant's Child said...

Sending good wishes for your walk and talk - to make it a fitting end to a productive week.

viridiana said...

The weather in Italy is freezing cold these days, but we have SNOW :)
I was hoping for a bit of real winter this year...

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