Thursday, February 09, 2012

ten ways to be more interesting


The one calling this her blog is still busy with other stuff, so today I, the loaf dog extraordinaire decided it was time I put my mighty paw to the keypad and said a few well composed words - and as you can see, we do still have lost of snow around here - or rather, give you a tip on a really good and easy read;

ten ways to be more interesting

I know I don't have to pick up on any advice regarding that, because I'm clearly as interesting as one perfect loafie can be, but seriously there are some great and easy tips on how to grow and simply be a better being in that post. More fun for yourself, more fun for others, more fun for the world. Explore things, do things, share things, don't aim to be like everyone else, embrace your inner weirdo, be passionate, try things out, go your own way instead of being bitter about the things you never tried out, when you had the chance.

The one who calls this her blog says I should tell you she truly loved that simple list and the way she totally embraces all of it already, some completely and wholeheartedly, some need working on. She aim to get there.

Me, the loafie, I'm pretty darn content with everything I am, everything I do, I wish there could be more food, more treats, more squeaker toys and greenie bones, but other that that, I live an awesome life. Go do that you too,

Peace and pawness,

Malte, the loaf dog extraordinaire (who digs snow)


Elephant's Child said...

Thank you Malte. You are indeed and extraordinary loaf dog. And that list sounds pretty good.

Unknown said...


Lisen said...

Word! :)

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