Friday, February 17, 2012

three lovikka mittens


The red blog week has so far consisted of red boots, little hearts and tea, red bird feeder, a little red head and now, I give you mittens. Three kinds of red (like the first ever blue pair) In classic Swedish Lovikka mittens. Grey with red details, a very red pair and a pink pair (which technically is the daughter of red). Pink pair is for me, myself and I, the other two I've made to order. Which I do at times.


But as I've said before, in this day and age of people in general wanting cheap things, complaining about handmade things costing too much, you can get something similar at a chain store and yada yada yada... - I'm not interested in putting my time, work, energy and material into something and not getting at least some kind of fair-ish price for it.


Thus I rarely custom-make things, even if it's fun, because, seriously, this is work, a lot of work and if you have no issues paying for your doctor, your plumber, your lawyer, your handyman, your accountant, you shouldn't whine about people's carefully handmade things costing a bit too. It's just such a lopsided world where some work are considered pay-worthy, overpriced even, while others are not.


That said, you are welcome to contact me if you'd like a pair of your own to keep the cold at bay, I'd be happy too - they're indeed woolly, cosy, warm and will last for ever-ish - but I can't promise I'll sell them cheap, alright? Oki.





That said etc etc, I'm very pleased I finally got around to finishing the thumbs and add the classical embroidery to finish them off. It's a nice feeling of accomplishment to say bye-bye to a project and then move on. In wool as in life. As in a week and hallo new weekend.

I wish you a fine one, a delightful one - but you are of course welcome back to see what kind of reds the two last days of the week will hold -

h a p p y    w e e k e n d,
keep safe, keep warm ~



Elephant's Child said...

You are so right about the value of homemade versus sweat shop items. I know which I would rather have, and I am prepared to pay for them.

LaAlicia said...

I totally value handmade! your blog post put a smile on my face! thank yoU! :)

DahnStarr said...

On behalf of my Mother the custom knitter and sewer - "Amen!"

pärlbesatt said...

Oh, de rosa är såååå fina!! Nu har jag vantar och dessutom minus på kontot, men annars skulle jag så gärna köpa dem!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so cute!

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