Sunday, February 26, 2012

on the last february weekend

sollentuna garden view colour

There's a distinct feeling that this weekend has been very productive. The good thing about working while in general just being is that it doesn't feel like work since I'd do pretty much the same without getting paid for it (as I am slightly nerdy regarding this that will now be revealed in two weeks). I just have to pay a bit more attention to exactly what I'm doing. It does keep the brain and eyes active. But it also isn't very relaxing. But I enjoy it. Though I also feel many other things have been put on lowflame, but there's only so much one am able to accomplish at one time. Only two weeks left, it's fun, but I think six weeks of this, in its current shape and payment-form is quite enough. But a good start it is. A good step.

Which may or may not have influenced me in thinking I need to treat myself to something very special when these weeks come to an end. I may or may not have placed an order already. I may or may not be slightly crazy. But a productive weekend, feeling pretty much on top of things may or may not make people make decisions of extraordinary treats for the hardworking self.

lemon hand


Spring is in the air, February is almost at an end. Yesterday was a rather nasty day weatherwise, but today brought blue skies after a long good night's sleep. And there have been many colourful moments during this productive weekend. Yes the weekend turned out pretty much as I had hoped, possibly even better.

pretty chair

elevensies with bobbaloos

coola porthandtag

I've seen awesome door handles, had good food and nice fika, spent time with small sized woollies, cuddled kittens and slightly larger cats, worn blue shoes and seen a lot of blue skies. I think the may or may not placed order was really really called for.

I hope your weekend was grand and wishing everyone a week in the same style. And even if I'm not visiting and commenting on blogs in the way I usually do it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you all, but you already knew that, right? Right. Happy week!


Growing Up Gramma said...

That chair is absolutely fabulous!

Angella said...

I loved the chair also!!

So this weekend was the best of all very first Bobaloo sibling group showed up....and my accompanying Bobaloo/vegetarian book showed up next! Bliss! :)

DahnStarr said...

Oh what are you up to!?! Are you going to get yourself a new chair perhaps? Look forward to seeing your surprise!

Elephant's Child said...

The Chair (which deserves the capital C) and those lizards were wonderful.
When are we going to find out about the extra special treat you may or may not have ordered?

Åsa said...

Tack för ett välbehövligt måndagsskratt när jag ser det absolut übersöta bobbaloosen, särskilt den men nosen i goda bullen. Ser precis ut som jag känner mig vid blotta doften av nybakad kanelbulle ;)

Unknown said...

Fantastic photos...keeps everyone interested... The chair in the picture, is out of this world, very inspiring, but a bit "over the top".
Looking forward to spring. I love the tone of your "voice" as all seems to be going well.

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