Wednesday, February 01, 2012

it is the time of tulips


Finding the first tulips in shops - I enjoy the locally grown climate compensated ones - makes me very happy, a little colourful foreboding of spring to come. Snow has been covering the ground firmly now for a couple of weeks, but even if spring seems awfully far away at the moment - though it has been quite present all autumn and winter until now - it won't be long now, it really won't.


-- I'm putting in a lot of work in the current Prosit assignment at the moment, you have to achieve a couple of strict goals every week, so I'm thinking that I'll do more than my share this week which will give me time to work on other things next week. Like follow up some leads, do paper work and phoning, the not so fun but must-stuff. Oh, and I have a walk-and-talk-networking thing booked for this Friday morning. Sounds lovely and interesting, I hope it won't be to nasty cold - temperatures are down to -10/-15 C now - for fully enjoying the walk, and the talking. Will definitely write more about it afterwards. --

For now, happy February - January sure did fly by in no time! - I hope it'll be a great month for good people, a month of many tulip moments ~



Angella said...

Your office is enviable. :) Happy (soon to be) Spring!

Elephant's Child said...

Garden companies are sending lots and lots of catalogues to tempt us for next Spring. Garden porn. Which I will succumb to.

Felis said...

I'm so exciting to see tulip now.
My garden is under snow and my tulips still sleep.
I thought Sweden is colder than Bulgaria, but obviously my mistake ;).

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