Monday, January 21, 2013

django unchained

a bit cool, a bit fun, a bit witty, quite a bit sad, a bit ridiculous, a whole lot of splatter violence and way too long. pretty much a typical quentin tarantino movie i suppose. rarely my cup of cineastic tea.

with few exceptions i do not enjoy the violence and humour mix, the trivialization of violence in that way is mostly just very disturbing in my opinion.

as i've mentioned before, movies at home are to be preferred over at the cinema. i didn't always think that, but ticket prices, the time consuming thing to get to and from cinemas, the fact that you have to spend 2 plus hours in a room full of strangers, possibly very uncomfortable chairs and bad air condition, you can't pause the movie for a pee break or to make a cup of tea, you can't knit or cuddle a cat, as if one of these reasons isn't enough you have to endure them all at a movie theatre. i so prefer a dvd.

the only reason for going to the cinema four times in a short period of time was the fact that we had to use up movie gift vouchers.

quite enjoyed 'skyfall', 'the angels' share' and the french endearing drama 'the intouchables' based on a true story. but i can think of many better ways to spend three hours than watching 'django unchained'.

have you seen any good (or bad) movies recently you'd like to recommend (or not)? preferably available on dvd given the above obviously.


Erica said...

It's not a recent movie (though not THAT old, either....I believe mid-2000's?) but there's a movie called 'The Fall.' It is very rare I find a movie that I rave about, but this one is simply fantastic. Funny, quirky, fantastical, sad, real, and beautiful. And surprisingly (or not, considering what the majority of the world seems to consider entertaining?) not very well-known. I think you might enjoy it.

DahnStarr said...

Daughter went to "Django Unchained" and enjoyed it but was knew in advance about the over kill on blood/guts/killing. I took a pass. Last night we saw "Parental Guidance" with Billy Crystal and Beth Midler. T'was a nice light comedy with a bit of a message. Fun.

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