Thursday, January 03, 2013

scenes from a swedish home

everytime we visit sister/brother-in-law's house -

which she, wife of m's brother, inherited when her father passed away 1,5 years ago, the house itself is where she grew up and before her her mother and possibly generations before that.

they had their wedding in the garden there a few years ago

- i can't help but think about all the nooks and crannies are like postcards, paintings from the past. stuck in a very charming time warp somehow.

it's not a home that has seen a lot of renovating over the years and even if the upstairs now only have minor works left to be completely updated but still in tune with the house's history, the downstairs is still pretty much the same "as it has always been".

not sure exactly how much of it they'll update and how much will be kept as is. myself i wouldn't be able to live with such dark walls and heavy furniture, but then again i have no connections to it. and oddly enough spending time there does bring nice memories from my childhood too, of old relatives apartments and houses. the furniture, the dark colours, paintings, smells, nooks and crannies, wallpapers.

the house is situated on one of the inner city islands of stockholm, a peaceful residential area with many pretty, old houses and gorgeous water and city views from upstairs. the garden is lovely and lush, it's a gem of a place really. inner city but at the same time a world of its very own.

i thought i'd share some pictures of the interior, most of them are the non-renovated downstairs, just because of its past times-loveliness.


Elephant's Child said...

How lovely. Thank you.

Unknown said...

It really is a beautiful home. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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