Thursday, January 10, 2013

thursday thought

if a new year begins with really bad news, is that a sign of a continuosly bad year?

and if those bad news are really sad, and unexpected, does that mean that it'll be a sorrowful kind of year?

i wish it was a reverse question to life and universe, if a new year begins with great, unexpected and joyous news... - alas it isn't.

we all have our trials and sorrows, sometimes i just wish there was enough time in between them to heal some more, instead of old, bleeding wounds being easily opened again.


Elephant's Child said...

I am sorry. And no, each day is the start of a new year, so bad news today, bad news yesterday has no power on the year to come. I hope.

Poppy Q said...

Sorry that you have had some bad news. We hope things settle and get better. You are in our thoughts.

Julie and Poppy Q

Felis said...

You know about law of attraction, correct? Bad thoughts like sad and regrets brings bad things to happen in our life.
Unfortunately is so hard to stay positive...But when you still not blind for beauty in life, like on this photo, still have hope for you :).

Please everyone, who can, to share with friends this invocation for help from my friend Mye. Her newborn child need help!

Angella said...

Hate to hear of bad news...I don't believe your year is shot....some of my best years came accompanied with the worst news. I hope you know you are thought of, with the best, most colorful wishes for better news soon.

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