Sunday, January 27, 2013

two green scarves

pia k stockholm

Well technically one of the scarves are blue and green - made to order for someone who enjoys blue and green I was very happy to find the perfect blend in lovely, thick wool for a chunky, warming scarf - and the other one is sort of green, brown, yellow. But green is the common denominator, so green they are. For now, in this post.

pia k stockholm

The knitted scarf made to order was speedily made during a week in October. Buyer/wearer seems very pleased with her purchase I'm happy to report.

pia k stockholm

The one I crocheted for myself - with yarn bought in 2011 - I began making in September and finished sometime in November. I used up all the yarn for it, crocheted it in a similar style to the heather hued shawl the other year, but made it into a cowl of sorts instead. It's about 460 centimeters long. Oh dear. It was a very good, "endless" kind of project to have in front of the TV, while travelling or riding the car.

pia k stockholm

So, this bird in her new scarf would love to now,
how are your yarn projects this season coming along?

pia k stockholm


DahnStarr said...

I'm sad to report that I do not knit. This is much to the dismay of my mother who does it all. Love your never ending scarf!

sovica said...

Beautiful scarfs, lovely clours!

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