Thursday, January 17, 2013

three things raspberry and matching matters

i always spy things that match. right now i see things raspberry with my little eye.

three new-ish things and their matching little friends.

~ body shop raspberry body butter - i used to not enjoy body butters because i felt they left a sticky surface on skin instead of replenish with moisture. nowadays i'm quite fond of them, especially the classic ones from body shop. with heavenly and long lasting scents. currently i'm using delicious pink grapefruit one, the fabulous raspberry one is next in line.

~ christmas money and sales, well, the obvious answer to that is shoes. i got me a pair of pink/winered, quirky pair. no i do not exactly need another pair of shoes, but for some reason there's always a shoe colour hole to be filled.

~ knitting another cap (i think caps might be my new socks or scarves, there'll be lots of them...), from a special, adorable pattern. i hope it'll be as nice irl as in picture. raspberry pink obviously.

what's the main colour in your life at the moment?


Angella said...

I love that color against the bright white of the snow! Raspberry has long been a favorite scent of mine, and pink grapefruit sounds nice too. Unfortunately for me, I have picky skin and have to use the same old boring lotion in the same old boring scent that I've always used.

My fave color right now is a bright apple green. The view outside my window is so dreary and drab, and that lively green reminds me of spring. :)

Poppy Q said...

Miss Pia, your shoes are scrumptious, I am soooo jealous. Hope little loaf is feeling a bit better, we are thinking of him.

Julie and Poppy Q

Unknown said...

I have to admit, I do admire your shoe collection, and your choice of colours!
(Do you have a separate room, just for your shoes?? LOL)

Hope the Loaf dog is feeling better!

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