Sunday, January 06, 2013

ginger chews


chewy ginger candy, someone recommended these on instagram last year, looked for them but didn't found them until a couple of months ago in an asian super-market. first i got the original version, ginger only. very, very nice, sweet, hot and refreshing.

it was lovely for the throat when i had that cold in november, finished three boxes of them (i think they contain about 10 chews each), not sure if they were the reason for the cold not being the nasty lingering-for-a-month-kind but a more manageable one, but it was quite a difference from my usual kind of cold. i  will definitely see that i have a few boxes at home in case of cold emergency. it will now share first cold remedy place with veggies in green curry.

later someone said that the peppermint-ginger ones were even nicer. got a box, have to disagree. an unpleasant minty tang that doesn't go well with the ginger as far as i'm concerned.

another thing that i really don't like about the chews is the ridiculous packing, individual wrappings and plastic, not necessary and so not eco-friendly. change that, sina, and i will completely happily continue to buy and eat those delicious ginger chews.


what's your favourite cold remedy? food related or not?


Richard Lawry said...

I love ginger chews. No one sells them in my small town, but I always buy some when I am somewhere that they are sold.

An Arkies Musings

Elephant's Child said...

I will have to keep my eye out for ginger chews, not so much for me as for my partner who loves sweet ginger. My cold remedy is lemon tea (or if it is a shocker hot lemon and honey drinks, and lots of bed.

Winging It - Vicky said...

they sell something very similar in Holland & Barrett in the UK - love them!

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