Wednesday, January 23, 2013

little loaf in a colder climate

i am so relieved, happy and pleased that the vet called with good news today, the little fella with the cutest tongue in the whole wide world (if he may say so himself) will be alright. touch wood. the tumour removed from his mouth last week turned out to be benign.

insert giant sigh of relief here.

though since it was such a big, nasty thing and it was impossible to remove it all, it may start growing again. if that happens we have to deal with it. again.

but for now. serenity. quiet joy. and lots of cuddles. for the little fella in a woolly winter outfit. little loaf in a colder climate. heart.


Angella said...

Ahhhh....yay! This truly is the best news all week! I have been crossing fingers/touching wood/tossing salt/all the rituals/ and sending healing thoughts for Malte, in hopes he would be cancer sickie-free. So happy he (and you) are going to be okay. :) His sweater suits him perfectly.

**Maybe this is a sign of an amazing year to come after all?

Poppy Q said...

That is good news buddy, we are glad that there were no real nasties in their. Your snow pictures are very cute.

Julie and Poppy Q

RedPat said...

I am sooo pleased to hear the good news! I always look forward to seeing him in your posts and was so nervous as you waited for the results! ;-))

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