Saturday, January 26, 2013

little miss bookcrossing helper

ågot alnwick

i was pretty good at leaving bookcrossing books here and there during all of 2012, in helsinki, gdansk and budapest too.

but for this last month, when i've been rubbish at it, all out of registered/labelled books. not too keen on that bit. though i do have a big bag of second hand books that need just that, when that's done (asap) i'm sure 2013 will be a nice bookcrossing year too.

how can it not be, with such a little miss bookcrossing helper with a paw?

edit - noticed that there wasn't a single comment to my first bookcrossing post two years ago, thus i still would love to know your views on it, like i did then;

are you a member of bookcrossing?
for how long? 
do you enjoy it? 
do you just leave books or do you pick some up too, to read?
have you found a travelling bookcrossing book? 
was it a good read? 

1 comment:

sovica said...

i just adore your cats...

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