Saturday, January 12, 2013

all the pretty plates

my fondness for odd pieces of plates and bowls are well-known to some, now to more than just some. it's not that one needs umpteenth different plates and bowls to eat from, i just adore them as photo props. the right plate, or bowl, makes wonder for the food, the mood on a photo.

today i met a wonderful, small plate when we had lunch. purple, flowers, birds, adorable. from one of our swedish chain-stores, which often sells lovely china. i have never seen this particular plate and it's likely to be from an earlier season. it was a meet cute though.

and the raw chocolate treat served on prett plate was a sweetie too.


Unknown said...

You, are so right. It makes a marvellous backdrop.

Elephant's Child said...

Simply beautiful. That is a very elegant cake fork as well.

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