Monday, February 11, 2013

awesome earrings


To be honest, the days when I was a confessed earrings addict are just a distant memory. I mostly browse and find pieces very pretty and covetable, rarely, very very rarely buy them. And I rarely use earrings, not sure why, may have to do with 'can't be bothered chosing' or simply because they're not really visible with hanging hair and big scarves.

These two pairs are the exception to my new "not buying earrings" life. Because a) who can resist something awesome and dangling and b) i adore the gingko shape and when on a trip, earrings are such a good kind of usable keepsake.

The "make today awesome" pair comes from lovely Heather Wynn Millican, swoondimples on Etsy - one of my first favourite earrings came from her 2006, 2010 I got "fortune favours the brave" and 2011 the love clasp (which I have yet, sad to admit, to turn into something extraordinary...) - they do inspire to go out and make great things. Admittedly the fact that upon inaugurating them I had a really crappy day have slightly put me off wearing them, oh dear. Silly silly, I'm sure it was just 2012 doing its last bad act.


It's a lovely, quirky pair of earrings, made of silver, mother of pearl and polymer clay. Extra plus for the rubber posts that come with (I've found that too often when buying earrings on Etsy the ones with no posts provided are pretty much unwearable without since they're in danger of getting lost all the time.)

Love the complimentary sweet bird pendant too. Let. 2013. be. the. year. I. got. back. into. making. jewellery.


The other pair is a gingko leaf pair, delicately made in brass. I pondered over them for a few days at the Christmas fair in Budapest, silver - too bright a finish for my taste - copper - too boring with my hair colour - so brass it was. I got a business card at the market stall, but website unfortunately isn't working. If you are interested in knowing the designer's name, let me know and you can do your own detective work with that.


What's your relationship with earrings?
Do you have a favourite pair and why?

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