Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tulips without an inspector

pink tulips

Tulips will continue to be beautiful, no matter colour.
But there will never ever be any tulips inspected by 
a little liquorice nose of the loaf dog extraordinaire kind again.
One of those daily details that will continue to break my heart,
a little, every day.



heidikins said...



Angella said...

So heartbreaking. I've been thinking of you all, today. Xxxx

Erica said...

Pia, I have been thinking about you and Mr. Pia ever since I read your post about sweet Malte's passing. I am sending the warmest, most comforting thoughts your way. Malte was so lucky to be so very loved.

BlueBird said...

A big hug... My sweet dog Penny passed away tree years ago and I still miss her a lot, and I still get tears in my eyes sometimes.

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