Thursday, February 07, 2013

making a waistcoat

for oh so many years i've been meaning to make a fake fur waistcoat. though my feelings of wearing something imitating animal fur are mixed, it's not as easy as 'if it's fake it's okey', not as long as the despicable fur industry is alive and thriving. i'm not at all completely comfortable with the wearing, not even the fake. somehow it's condoning the notion of wearing animal furs.

that said, i recently browsed the fake fur shelves at a fabric store. it's amazing how well many of them imitates real fur these days. scarily so, quite a bit repulsive actually. i think that if i finally got around to making myself that fake fur vest (i already have the model clear in my head) i would make it in a colour/style that very obviously is fake. i'm thinking this turquoiseish one would be rather nice to use.

what's your opinion on fake fur?

1 comment:

heidikins said...

Fake fur is the only thing I can afford (if I was in the market for fur, which I'm not really), and I'm not so much of a snob that I can tell the difference unless the fake is, like your picture, turquoise or hot pink or looks like something from Sesame Street.


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