Thursday, February 14, 2013

hearty nails


As usual I don't do commercial days like Valentine's, Father's and Mother's Day etc etc and so forth. They're simply tiresome galore to me. Thus these nails have nothing to do with it being February 14th today - no sweet treats at all, but I have a lovely, heart recipe from last year - , pure coincidence that the nailpolish chipped - Seche Vite top coat, pretty crappy if you ask me, after one time use only but still, with all the hullabaloo from near and far, I am very less than impressed... - and  I felt it was a good time to try some hearts out. (Granted it's always a good time to try some hearts out really.)

My first time with making nailart dots wasn't a happy time, but for a first time go at hearts on nails I think this looks okey. Lots of room for improvement for sure, but okey. At least left hand nails, right hand nails' hearts are just hilariously bad. I'm sure it's easier to be artsy with someone else's nails, but even so, I don't think my talents will ever comprise nailart. And that's alright. I'm in awe of people who master it, such a delicate and fun kind of art.

Nailpolish used; Opi Dulce de Leche + Essie Splash of Grenadine + Big Spender

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sovica said...

Hold your hand like on a photo and press it on the snow. you'll make a nice pawprint :)

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