Sunday, February 24, 2013

pink and green

green and pink

Whether happy or sad I always appreciate and take comfort in colours, when there is colour everything will be alright. Somehow. Someday.

Especially when those colours are the combination of pink and green, my favourite colour combination ever.

Three such recent pink and green colour combos in this post. Above my current nailpolish. Applegreen (OPI Green-wich village) and dark pink (Essie Watermelon - I've had really disturbing and unexpected information about Essie testing their products on rabbits, so before I know more I will not get any more bottles from Essie. Just using the ones I got.) Perky is good.


Nose buddies - what can I say, I've always liked the idea of rinsing the nose with salt water but I would never ever make buddies with these, such a ridiculous and awkward shape and design. Not even pink and green can disguise that.

thai oasis

A thai fast-food place in Stockholm that seems very popular, haven't tried it (yet) but I adore the kiosk's colours obviously. (oasen = the oasis.)

More pink and green, with a touch of little loaf...

1 comment:

DahnStarr said...

"Nose Buddy", er, no I don't think so!?! Thing looks like it should be rated X and be sold in a porn shop! LOL

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