Friday, February 22, 2013

the pia day 2013

orange polenta spelt cookies

My obvious first and great wish for this year's name day would be that this last dreadful week was completely erased, but alas I can't see that happening. Reading about last year's Pia-day I wish that was now, alas that was then.

My mum treated me to a nice lunch, it was a strange feeling of spring in the air, even with sorrow as a constant companion. Tomorrow, when M gets home from a business trip, I think we'll do something nice too. Life goes on, somehow.

Thank you so so kindly and dearly for all sweet and caring comments left in blog during this truly awful week. I treasure them all deeply.

Knitting, fresh air, baking, cat cuddles and lots and lots of cups of tea are other things that keep me reasonably sane.

Today we also enjoyed freshly baked lemon polenta spelt cookies and another little inspector.

ågot and the cookies

Have a lovely,
kind weekend,
treat yourselves to something special ~


Angella said...

Happy Pia Day!! (wonder where I sign up to get my own namesake day? Haha). Cookies look yummy. :)

P.K said...

Belated good wishes on your name day. I haven't visited for a while and saw the very sad news regarding Malte (tears in my eyes as I write). Losing a trusty companion is heartbreaking. Take care.

Elephant's Child said...

Happy Pia day. The biscuits and the inspector both look wonderful. Hugs.

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