Wednesday, February 06, 2013


despite my views, recently proclaimed, about movies at the cinema we've continued to go, even without gift vouchers. 'lincoln' would not be a movie of my choice, in general i truly dislike movies with basically all male cast, boring and/or violent. like the loathsome patriarchy itself.

but even if 'lincoln' ticked those patriarchy boxes and then some it was well-played, well-written and with some very moving moments and dialogue. history in the making. heartbreaking that humankind hasn't come further than this in 150 plus years. we are indeed a pitiful race, a plague on earth as david attenborough said recently.

that said, i'm very much looking forward to seeing 'cloud atlas', from the trailer it looks like an amazing movie. i firmly believe that everything is indeed connected. how we live, how we treat others, our choices. everything.

next week though, it's time for a lovely british comedy; 'quartet', sounds similar to 'best exotic marigold hotel', i'm sure it will be well enjoyed.

ps today is semicolon day, my favourite punctuation mark! i hope you've treated the semicolons in your life to something special! ds

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heidikins said...

I have plans to see "Quartet" this weekend, in fact!

And I loved "Lincoln." Granted, I did notice the MASSIVE amounts of men in the cast, but I also think that for that place and that time, there were no women in any place of importance in the legislature, or in the war, or in leadership. Yes, most of those men did have wives, however I don't know how one could have told the same story if more of the wives were woven in. I loved the moment where Tommy Lee Jones is home and you finally see who his wife is. She propelled so much of his action and thought and fight, even if she was unseen by the other legislators or society. (Not that I condone that type of relationship, but for it's time, that was the only type of relationship they could have had. A secret one.)


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