Monday, March 30, 2015

chocolate sauce (and it's vegan)

vegan chocolate sauce

Let me tell you about the best chocolate sauce I've ever had. And it's made of three ingredients only. Plus it's vegan. Tastes great, simple to make, is kind, things doesn't get better than that!

the best chocolate sauce ever

200 g dark chocolate
3 dl oats milk
1,5 - 2 dl light syrup

Chop the chocolate coarsely. Put all three ingredients in a pot. Let it melt together while stirring. Let the sauce simmer for 1 minute. Ready!

If you pour the chocolate sauce in a sauceboat and keep it in the fridge I find it lasts well over a week. Goes awesomely well with vegan icecream, cakes, fruit and such.

It's adapted from the cookbook Vego by Mattias Kristiansson - the guy behind Sweden's first vegan food magazine, in which I found the awesome banana pancakes - so far I've tried a few of the recipes in the book, some I love, others not so much. And since I don't do palm oil (dairy free butter in Sweden = palm oil) it's tricky to go all vegan on every recipe. But even a small step helps. And so does inspiration.

vegan cookbook sweden

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