Tuesday, March 17, 2015

10 things to refill your happiness account

design stockholm

I don't watch the Eurovision Song Contest (not my cup of tea for a gazillion reasons), but if it was like this always I might reconsider. Watch the viral success of the Swedish sign language interpreter doing his fabulous thing during the show last Saturday here - if you haven't done so already. It will put you in an instant happy mode. Promise. It's most likely the peak of Swedish public service television.

When people talk to brands on Twitter. Oh the stupidity. Oh the cleverness.

I bet you don't love your banana as much as this rescued fruit bat - I know I don't.

Cats as kittens, cats now. Adorable always.

Oh why do I never find a koala trying to drive my car?!
Because a) I don't have a car and b) I live in a sadly void of koalas country.

Fill your office with cats and improve health and productivity - it's such a obvious thing, crazy that noone (except us with home offices) have figured that out before!

Men and their cats - so much awesomeness in these pictures. And loving your cat/s or any other animal has never been crazy, just totally cool, lovable and right.

Tourism posters being improved by Yelp reviews - because honestly, sometimes the must-sees aren't all that fun to see or visit.

A beautiful dog and owl friendship.

More people should include their (rescued) pets in their official portraits.

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Unknown said...

Love the raccoon pillows! They bring to mind, happy thoughts.

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