Sunday, March 29, 2015

how well do you know your swedish?

högskoleprovet ordförståelse 2015

Remember the English test

Yesterday the actual Swedish scholastic aptitude test took place at universities in Sweden. And this was/is the comprehension part. Like with the English test it isn't rocket science, getting 20/20 isn't such an achievement for a native Swede. Still flaunt it if you're good (without the help of Google of course). And oh the shame if I hadn't had 100%... 

If it had been math I would most likely have had a rubbish result. Not flaunted.

Had an online discussion with someone about the result, that she doubted "as much" as 19% had all correct answers given the rather depressing result in general when it comes to Swedes comprehension and reading these days. That many of the 100% probably had cheated with Google.

Speaking for myself only I would not see the least bit point of doing that, if I'm not great at comprehension (or any other part) I wouldn't bother with showing the result. But then again I'm not a person who lie about my achievements or in my CV. What's the point? Most of us are good at something and less good at other stuff. Flaunt the good stuff and skip the rest. But then again (again), there is such a thing as inferiority complex and people who just have to show good results always, cheating is just a part of an imaginary game.

Which simply is a sad sad thing.

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