Friday, March 20, 2015

on the international day of happiness

prosit ord & bild ab's purrfect little helper

This has certainly been one of my most eventful weeks recently. And since it has mainly been an awesome kind of eventful week, what better day to summarize it on than the International Day of Happiness? And the first day of spring?

solar eclipse 2015

And of course, the day of the quite possibly most disappointing (partial) solar eclipse ever. And snowfall. Yes really.

But this is overall not a day, a week of disappointments, quite the opposite. And this is what happened -

Remember my thoughts about questioning where I was/am workwise? And that life has/had an amazing way of kicking someone me in the heinie when least expected but probably just when I needed it?

And today was the day when this was kind of implemented. This being I will still work with my up until now major client, but since their organization has changed they will no longer be able to provide me with as much job anymore. And even if it's tad melancholic, because it has been such a smooth working relationship and it has paid well, I'm also so very, very ready for new beginnings and great things to happen.

stockholm suburbs, march 2015

And that this new long term, part time freelance gig landed now of all times is pretty amazing I think. I've worked hard, made cosmic orders and it seems it was just the right time for it. But still, for me, a mere human being with, in the big schemes of things, limited imagination (well) and brain capacity it feels kind of magic. The saying 'When one door closes another one opens' has never been more true somehow.

The other good meetings I've had this past week especially are also about really exciting things. Different and new paths but in their own ways just what I want to do and do more of. Hopefully those quotes will be accepted but even if they're not it's been so inspirational to think about such matters, that it's actually something someone believe I'm the right person to do. Yes, I know, it's all very cryptic. But for now, that's how it'll remain.

But once again, I'm thinking about how truly grateful I am for being where I am in life right now. Truly, madly, deeply.

One big reason, I suspect, for getting the purrfect cat or dog-gig was the fact that I do have cats. Needless to say the furry ones now demand great rewards for all their hard work ie just being themselves. And really who am I, a simple human, to say no?

luddkolt's british shorthair

Happy happiness day,
spring equinox,
solar eclipse and
weekend to you too!

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