Thursday, March 19, 2015

all the pretty packagings

all the pretty packaging
Vegan cream cheese from Astrid och aporna

I've said it again and again and again and countless times again, I do adore a pretty packaging. And these days I seem to stumble over them even more frequently than ever in supermarkets of various kinds. Often with a retro look to them.

Behold some of my recent pretty stumbles.

all the pretty packaging

Potato bags to love.

all the pretty packaging

Your very basic tea to love.

all the pretty packaging

Your organic rolled oats and rye flakes to love, from Coop's award-winning organic brand Änglamark.

all the pretty packaging

Adorable vegan products from Astrid och aporna - vegan ham, giant vegan sausage and vegan chipotle mayo.

Do you have any favourite pretty packaging?

1 comment:

CrimsonAnna said...

I gotta say Astrid&Aporna and Saltå kvarn. Astrid for those supercute packages and Saltå for the simplistic and colourful stripes.

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