Tuesday, March 24, 2015

spring times stockholm

stockholm, march 25, 2015

From a busy morning juggling professional bits to a much need colour-and-hair-cut.

Followed by a 2,5 hours delay of every train at the Stockholm central station - this is what you get when the politicians pour tax money is into roads and car traffic and blatantly ignore the need for maintenance and work on the railroads - and then late evening work due to deadlines tomorrow.

There'll be a very early rush hour morning with a breakfast seminar tomorrow followed by a meeting and then home to work. To be honest I'm rather dreading the commuting tomorrow because of today's awful, timewasting delays.

stockholm, march 25, 2015

But then again, I'm the lucky one who doesn't have to deal with this on a very regular basis. Thank you home office.

From the return of winter the other day to the return of spring today, it was indeed a glorious day weatherwise at least. And I spotted crocuses for the first time this year. Pretty inner city ones. Lucky me.

stockholm, march 25, 2015

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