Sunday, March 08, 2015

women's day 2015

words of wisdom

I'm all for a good quote. Obviously. But I'm also quite allergic to screendumps, copy paste, regrams and such. To create original content isn't so darn difficult with all the clever smartphone tools out there these days.

So today, on the International Women's Day -

which is heartbreaking that we still need one, that the human being, societies, cultures and countries haven't come further in 2015. Equal rights for everyone, whether woman, man or other promotes peace, justice and prosperity for ALL. Truly mindboggling and heartbreaking that so many people still hasn't grasped that simple truth. And that there's so much hatred towards women out there. -

I decided to make a very personal photo quote creation (with the After Photo app). With a picture I took on the Isle of Skye some years ago (one of my favourite places on earth) and my very favourite quote.

And I ask you to please, on this day, give some serious thought to one of the most used and abused female beings on this planet, the kind and beautiful cow.

And please be the best, kindest, most compassionate and inspirational change you can possibly be for all earthlings of the female kind and otherwise.

They need and deserve that. Even if they don't walk on two legs.

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