Tuesday, March 10, 2015

green and pink glasses

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Remember I recently wrote about great things that can happen when you use the right hashtag on social media? And in this particular case it was simply about getting a free pair of glasses because I used the right hashtag on Instagram.

The voucher had a due date on May 1st, so even if I'm quite happy with the two new pair I got now it would be foolish to not get that free pair. Sure, one could argue I could have given the voucher away to someone in more need of a new pair of glasses. But some times I'm selfish. Others I'm not.

smarteyes elements collection

Then in the optician Smarteyes' latest newsletter I read about their new organic, biodegradable range of glasses called Elements. And one of the glasses were round. And apple green. They called my name.

It was a long time since I could find a pair of decent round frames that fit the shape of my face - ie a) not to small and b) too narrow over the bridge. It's easy enough when it comes to sun glasses, far from when you're looking for great round, larger frames for prescription glasses.

glasses glasses

I tried on several of the organic frames but none called my name as much as the applegreen ones. Although they turned out to sadly not be as large as I had hoped. Since I could get that second pair for half the price even with a voucher I decided to do that. Two pairs, not one free pair only. Call me frivolous.

I continued trying different frames on, organic and not. In the end I had them boiled down to 8 pairs in various colours and styles. And then there were four. On of which was the pair the blue frames won over last time. Round, black and red thin frames. But since I had found a pair of slightly bigger, round frames in old fashioned pink (what are the odds?!) those won. Sorry, poor red and blacks, second time rejected.

glasses glasses

And then they were three. The square, winered pair was just a pair I found lying on a desk at the optician, tried them on and they were really wonderful, both in fit and colour. In the end though, I really wanted a pair of organic glasses. It just felt wrong not too. Plus, seriously, dark pink frames. Amazing.

So I went with the apple green and the pink ones. Both round frames, but very different in looks. I would have prefered if they'd been larger but on the other hand, it's good to venture outside one's comfort zone now and then. Even with such a thing as style of glasses.

I still find it absolutely mindblowing (in a luxuary way) that I managed to get both a pair of applegreen AND a pair of pink glasses. My two top favourite colours. And definitely not two colours common in frames. Will pick them up next week. Oh the excitement!

And what about my old prescription glasses that doesn't fit my sight anymore? Well, those 4-5 pairs I will now give to the project Vision for All. A great organisation that provides glasses for people in need in developing countries.

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Unknown said...

All good choices....as always!

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