Thursday, March 26, 2015

welcome apoidea, little beebee and fly al

bee bob and fly al

I ordered a bee bob, but as small sized woollies can't travel alone along came Fly Al. A bobbaloo so full of panache he even intimidate the cats. Which is indeed a very rare trait for a small sized wolly.

bee bob and fly al

He is without a doubt the weirdest and coolest bob in the Scandinavian bobbaloo settlement so far. I do believe we are all very lucky he has arrived.

bee bob and fly al

Apoidea and her little BeeBee are of course a perfectly adorable pair too. Peachy perfect with a fine pair of wings for humming and honey collecting.

bee bob and fly al

So happy they've arrived, Apoidea and Fly Al. They've already wind up a right buzz amongst the other bob settlers. Who knows what will happen next? Watch this space.

All bobbaloos are needlefelted with talent and love by Kit Lane, in Minnesota. 

And they have their very own book of vegetarian delights by me.


Unknown said...

They are cute as always...Each one, in their own special way!

Poppy Q said...

So sweet. I only have two - I am jealous of your collection.

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