Saturday, March 14, 2015

how good is your english?

how good is your english, swede?

the swedish morning paper dagens nyheter (the daily news) recently published an english test consisting of 12 varied questions, spelling, grammar and comprehension. partly taken from the actual annual scholastic aptitude test, partly new questions. i couldn't resist taking it when i saw that only 3% had gotten 100%. with more than 50000 swedes having done so, it had to be difficult, right?

it wasn't rocket science. in fact it was nowhere near so. i'm gobsmacked only (now counting me) 4% got 12/12 right. obviously we aren't as good in english like we pride ourselves to be. if the test is anything to go by.

oh the shame, the humiliation if i hadn't been one of the 4% ones...

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