Wednesday, March 18, 2015

from breakfast to fika at prosit

prosit ord & bild ab

The income status may not be as steady and predictable as for a regular employee. Yet. And dealing with the financial paper work may not be hooray how fun-worthy.

But pretty much everything else with running your own business, the FREEDOM and independence, the opportunities and the no limits, that is truly priceless. And I'm so deeply grateful I am where I am in my life.

Of course you still have to deal with (to put it mildly) idiots. That's life. But perhaps not in quite the same way as before. And it's easier to chose your battles. And avoid people and situations who and which only drain your energy. And seek the company and situations that give you energy and inspiration.


food and drink at home

Also I have the best staff lunch room ever. With only furry happy colleagues - who keep me healthier, happier and more productive. And slightly hairier.

And when I pause from work and stretch my legs I can do a bit of laundry, washing up or bake something for the afternoon fika break.

I make my own hours, I can have a lie in or work at night and I practically never ever have to deal with rush hour commute. When on the very odd occasion I have to, I'm so immensely grateful it's simply an exception to my general work day rule of working in the loveliest of home offices.

And when it's time for fika I don't have to bother with "profiling myself in the fika room" (to quote the famous words of a less than sane ex-boss) I can just be who I am. In the company of awesome, unpretentious, clever, fun-loving colleagues.

Lucky lucky me.

food and drink at home

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CrimsonAnna said...

Yes, I wonder how much of people's creativity is lost because of having to deal with draining colleagues or office environment.

I am happy for you, too =)

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