Wednesday, August 22, 2007

...and humour in food

A new favourite café - and I really don't know what has taken me/us so long to get around going there - is definitely Vurma. The ambiance, the vast selection of vegetarian dishes, the baked goodies, great coffee, juices and everything at pretty decent prices. Plus nice staff. They also have their own bakery, with ecological thinking.

And as an extra touch the food have really amusing names - and perhaps very befitting for the ones who choose them. I mean what can be more aptly than the two sandwiches we chose today - one moulting bird (rugguggla) and one hag (ragata)?
070822 004
Do try the place out! And even if they surely don't have the world's best vanilla bun, their cardamom ones are great too.
070814 005

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