Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Place in the Sun

If you happen to be interested in exactly where I spent the most colourful and enchanting other day, you're very welcome to check that out at stockholm by plenty.

A place where I'm proud to say I've been kindly invited to contribute to, in my very own way. I'm flattered and really, who in their right mind can decline such an invitation?

stockholm by plenty is the sidekick of stockholm by pixels, a citydaily photo blog. I implore you to stop by there too, if you are, like me, interested in fun, dippy, witty and new ways to see things around us. It's all in the details you know...

And if you're interested in the more audible details, Stockholm can also be heard at stockholm by waves. Imagine that!

Enjoy seeing, reading, listening to details then! Myself, no matter how much these feet are made for walking, they've done quite their share of that as lately. So today I'm going to have a most relaxing day in my very little own piece of paradise, in the sun, trying to imbibe as much of sunny vitamins as possible. There are rumours of heavy downfall this upcoming week. And I do have a bit of less than enjoyable appointments - better stock up on the sunny disposition then!

070817 053

1 comment:

stromsjo said...

Thanks, Pia. We’re glad to have this collaborative opportunity.

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