Thursday, August 16, 2007

Different Priorities

Right now I could be suffering from a serious case of overeating - I made this absolutely amazing tasting spelt wheat bread yesterday. The recipe called for whole wheat and plain wheat flour. I changed the latter to spelt just because I had some at home which I wanted to finish. I'm rarely enthusiastic with plain bread I make myself, too doughy, to yeast-tasting, too dry, flavourless and so on...
070815 025
But this one was truly one of the best breads I've ever tasted! I hope I'll be able to get it right the next time too... The texture was wonderful, crunchy on top, chewy inside and rosemary, like always, adding a wonderful flavour. Quite the addictive thing really, but I resisted, most of the bread ended up safely in the freezer. Actually.
070815 017
But we all have our different priorities in this household, while I went all excited about the rosemary bread, Prunella became obsessed over a rhubarb stem. I think that sort of frenzied look in her eyes and the way she holds on to that stem kind of resemble me with the bread. Slightly.


stromsjo said...

That bread looks yummy!

Incidentally I had a strange Danish beef-experience tonight which could have turned anyone into a vegetarian, at least temporarily. Well, I won’t go into any details. I’ll just join Prunella in waiting for the next bread delivery... :)

Pia K said...

It wasn't by any chance at Jensens böfhus? I myself have had a nasty encounter with a salmonfilet there once *my first and only ever visit to JB*

1-0 for vegetarianism:)

stromsjo said...

Ehm, well... let’s just say that it was a rather well-known establishment opposite the Central Station... :)

And, in fairness, their staff was professional and the customer was quickly compensated. Still, you’ve got a point.

Pia K said...

I often do...;)

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