Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Secrets of A Handbag

Elvira - the truly wonderful handbag that have been travelling to the other side of the world and back with me, never tired, always with a helping hand, inspiring and always with a willingness to listen and comfort - has kindly decided to share her secrets, her contents, very exclusively, only available on this blog.

The contents may deviate depending on season, but right now - here are her (and mine) deepest handbag secrets;

* cotton shawl, NoaNoa
* keybag, Longchamps
* emergency kit (vanity bag), Jobs,
* jampacked with: pocket tissues,
* wet tissues,
* matches,
* spectacle wipe,
* miniature torch (oh very important I'm sure),
* pencils,
* hair-clips,
* mini-deodorant Nivea,
* perfume cream Yves Rocher,
* sunscreen Kiehl's,
* handcream Philosophy,
* lipgloss Philosophy, Se-y Mother Pucker from Soap & Glory and Laura Mercier (yes, there's a lipgloss for every occasion)
* spork (Swedish design from Light my Fire)
* tripod,
* cough drops,
* different gums,
* rechargeable batteries for camera
* charcoal tablets (can be a life saver!)
* edt Chloe Summer
* cell phone, Nokia (ol' reliable)
* calendar with Chat Noir
* notebook, Bookbinders
* wallet, Bally
* sunglasses
* not seen in the pic - darling camera!
* plus always a book du jour of course

Sydafrika 2007 477

And, then Elvira (Mulberry Elgin) basking in the sun - thanks for being such a faithful companion and for sharing your secrets!

Yes I, and Elvira, do carry this stuff with me/us everyday. 'Cause you never know what might come handy...

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