Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let Me Take You by the Hand...

070814 013
...and lead you through some streets of Stockholm...

Steets, parts where I nowadays walk far to seldom, I should do it more often, such a nice walk by the water and such pretty views over the city. Not to mention, we did spot quite a few interesting waterholes ie cafés along the way too... The part of town being the district of Kungsholmen.
070814 011
070814 005
First late lunch at Vurma - Polhemsgatan 15 - very tasty grilled sandwich with halloumi, lemon and herbs. And the mouthwatering cardamom buns had to come along in a paper bag for consumption whilst watching Midsomer Murders tonight...

Now, comfy shoes on? Let's begin walking, down at Norr Mälarstrand...
070814 018
070814 019
070814 017
Don't forget the pretty houses to your left. Can't help but wonder about the size of the statues up there, and what might happen on a very, very windy day...
070814 020
Quite the view from that outdoor bathtub on deck...
070814 023
070814 024
You've now reached the beautiful City Hall - Stadshuset - where the annual Nobel Prize festivities are held
070814 026
070814 033
View over Riddarholmen, from one of the most frequently used picturetaking spots in Stockholm...?
070814 032
At Stadshuset - City Hall, overlooking parts of Klarabergsleden and the Central station area
070814 036
Golden Boy - Birger Jarl's cenotaph at the City Hall. Birger Jarl is said to be the founder of Stockholm in the 13th century
070814 039
At the City Hall area, overlooking Riddarholmen, Old Town, Parliament building and the Royal Palace in the background
070814 041
If your feet aren't to tired from all that walking, perhaps some shopping sounds interesting once you've reached the pedestrian street of Drottninggatan...? If you don't mind the crowds...


stromsjo said...

A jolly good walk and eloquently captured as well, Pia. All that’s missing is some cheese cake! :)

Pia K said...

Thanks, Per! That's true, a nice piece of cheesecake somewhere along that walk would probably have been the icing-on-the beautiful-day-cake:)

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