Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Illusion of Summer

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One of this year's favourite books of mine - and one which I'll properly review in my very own way soon... - is Buster's Ears - Busters öron by Maria Ernestam. One of many, many, many intriguing, fascinating, thought-provoking and wonderful passages in that book revolves around the turn between the months of July and August.

That bittersweet turn, when we deceive ourselves thinking summer is still with us. Whilst that illusion makes us unaware of the fact that the mousetrap clangs shut and traps the fair days for this season...

I too feel the sadness of loosing yet one summer to darkness, but I also believe that each season has its beauty. Even if it has taken me quite some years to realize that, but really, the four seasons in Sweden are one of the most amazing things about this country. That they are so distinctly different from the one that was before, the one that comes after.

And instead of seeing all that beauty most people keep whinging about every single season, the weather is never just right, if it isn't too hot, too sunny, too humid, too sticky it's too rainy, too windy, too cold, too snowy, too sloshy, too wet or too bright, too dark, too cloudy...

This endless whining over just about anything seems to have become a purpose of its own. And it is just too easy to fall for, to be drawn into, the social seasonal weather whinge trap - and other social whinge traps for that matter... -, nod, agree and complain, just like everybody else... Instead of rejoice in all the beauty nature has to offer.

There are a lot of things to complain, too really whine and grumble about in this world of ours, and most of the things we have to blame ourselves for... But really, can the natural, normal changes of seasons be a cause for complaint?

Can there be more than an empty phrase and a tiny bit of truth to the saying Det finns inget fel väder, bara fel kläder - There is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong choice of clothes - ?

With the risk of sounding impudently apple-cheeked jaunty, brisk and carefree - it's all about the attitude and the ability to see the beauty in things, greater as well as smaller, even if it means more clothes on, winter tires and the lack of sun - which at least means you won't feel sticky and hot... Be grateful for the summer you've been given, and don't fail to see the beauty in the here and now.

Not to mention, for your own as well as your entourage's sake, choose your whinging-battles wisely...

And yes, summer is still here, all the way through August, and then perhaps a while longer, Indian summer might just feel like stopping by and say hallo. And when summer has conclusively said farewell for this year - then it's once again the season for all the lovely layering clothes, the tubs of tea, the lighted candles, the watching of lots of movies since summer has finally gone into well-deserved hibernation.
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stromsjo said...

The kind of weather where it’s too warm for any clothes is the wrong weather as far as I’m concerned. Otherwise I agree. There’s a lot of whining. I prefer September so my vacation started today. I intend to enjoy it as I always do.

Pia K said...

I wish you a restful, whinefree and happy holiday!

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