Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Under the Bridges of Stockholm

070808 008
Once every ten years or so I like to play tourist in my own city by the water. Hence taking a rather touristy, but quite lovely, trip by boat under 15 of Stockholm's bridges - supposedly there are at least 55 bridges in Stockholm as of now - and through two locks.

As it happens M has actual never ever been on this classical boat-trip *dumbstruck*, but the M I always take the trip with is M as in mother. Boat trip, lunch, a wee bit of shopping, a pretty perfect day - if it hadn't been for this...
070808 047
And today the weather changed rather quickly, I had my mind set on taking loads of nice pictures with Stockholm showing off a sunny, blue skyed side - the morning showed great promise for that, but when we came into town it had sort of faded into haze.

A haze which turned into dark clouds when we got on the boat. And really didn't make for any great pictures. The dark clouds turned into raindrops, which turned into really heavy rainfall...
070808 048
What a disappointment! Anyway, here are some of the semi-decent pictures I did get -
070808 064
Old amusement park Gröna Lund, Djurgården
070808 072
070808 074
Strömkajen and Grand Hotel
070808 078
The Royal Opera house
At one side - with a small veranda with a grand view overlooking the Royal Palace and the Parliament building - of the Royal Opera house the Strömcafé is situated. The café hasn't been open to the public for 50 years, but is now open during the summer until August 18th. We had lunch there, a decent vegetarian salad, nothing to rave about, but quite OK. Having a lunch or coffee ouside on the veranda, be prepared to be curiously perused, admired *um*, possibly giggled and sneered at, by hoards of strolling tourists and coaches though...
070808 079
070808 080


Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous city... sigh.


Pia K said...

Glad you think so, heidikins:)

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