Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beside the road - Ekolsunds Slotts Värdshus

When out driving, we often drive past the lovely 18th century inn of Ekolsunds Slotts Värdshus (Ekolsunds' Castle Inn). Situated just beside the road and looking like a perfect place for romantic dinners and special occasion parties.

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Since 1985 it had apparently been listed as a notable building, but still it had been run down for years, only an empty shell really. It wasn't until 2005 they began the real renovations. And a year ago we discovered that they had actually opened up a small café in the facilities. Which made such a perfect stop for coffee and cake.

060730 028
Carrot cake, soo last season

Unfortunately the café is only opened during summers - and the season this year ends on August 15th. But until then it's supposedly open Tuesday-Sunday 11.30-16.00. I write supposedly since it has most certainly not been open all summer this year. It was only last weekend when we happened to drove by and saw it was opened for business, before that it has always been closed - despite the fact that they've been flagging all the time...

070805 006
070805 005

Anyway, last Sunday we had this perfect little brunch there, sandwich with Skagen mix and salad and quite decent cinnamon buns.

From August 16th, the restaurant is opened again though. The rest of the year the Inn offers conference facilities, hosts parties, weddings, dinners, lunches and other events. Amongst many things the building of a golfcourse is planned.

070805 018

The castle Ekolsund - built during the 14th century and with a rich history - itself has been off limits, as far as I know, before. It hasn't even been detected from the road, but hidden in the woods.

Now they've cleared out some parts of the woods and the castle - which consists of two annexes rather than one main building - is visible through the trees. Beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the area and agricultural landscape. Yet still undergoing extensive renovations. But definitely worth a visit for the unusual buildings and the ambiance.

070805 023
Edit; as of summer 2008 there unfortunately isn't a café at the inn anymore. For more information see their website

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