Friday, August 17, 2007

Life Lessons

Sooner or later we all make our mistakes. Some more obvious than others...
affisch E 570
We like to try out new things...
latchmead 025
...some strangely exciting, though forbidden
060925 008
We might overindulge now and then
Sometimes we get into situations way over our head, size and capacity
We find ourselves in unexpected situations that make us cry in fear of the unknown...
knutmogwai desperate need for help!
s-kull 3,5v 029
Some of us do get a helping hand,
s-kull 386
and have access to the tender care of a mother,
Sydafrika feb 2007 219
Sometimes that's not enough, the predicament gets to be a concern for a large part of the family
vinter 2006 247
It even becomes a question of holding a family council to talk things through...
s-kull 518
...or things might get a bit more tangible
s-kull 671
We might not want to listen to what family and friends have to say...
061210 057
...or even look them in the eyes
070526 004
Sometimes a stern and determined attitude is the right way to go
r-kull 118
And most of the times we see sense and learn the lesson from mistakes made. Even if it might be difficult to see at first...

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