Saturday, March 14, 2009

Guardians of the Liquorice Cat Carrier


Waldemar in the transport device - off to get de-nutted - his friends promptly formed a farewell committee fit for a prince. These are the charming guardians of the liquorice cat carrier. Visible to the observing eye in the photo is also one Viola, anyone who can spot her?

The de-nutted sweetheart aka formerly known as one excellent tea party junior host is doing fine in his now less paws on more consulting like role ~


~ Have a good weekend ~


Anonymous said...

That is the most beautiful black cat. I just love them.
Your photo is just amazing.

I am viewing this photo on my lap top and it does really amazing things. I start with the ear tips of the cat just barely showing at the bottom of my screen. then I just keep clicking the enter or return key. Then the magic begins. Watch the cats eyes. When you first see then they are full and round. But as the picture of the cat moves up the screen the photo begins to darken. When the cats ear tips are leaving the top of the screen all you can see clearly are just the glowing crescents on the bottom of his eyes. Its just so magical. We are enjoying this so much. I hope others can make the photo do the same. Thanks.
Please give the beautiful boy a kiss on his head.


Pia K said...

Thanks for a sweet comment, Kari! I tried something different with the camera and it turned out rather nice, although admittedly I can't see the magic with my computer. I have the irl cat for that instead, I'll be sure to give him your greeting:)

Anonymous said...

Please try angling the top of your screen back a bit or lower your viewing level. The change in the cats eyes is not to be missed! Love all of your work.

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