Sunday, March 29, 2009

Summer Time Treats

090327 006

Today Sweden went into official Summer time (daylight saving time) - I do like sleep ins in the morning, but fine, longer, lighter evenings aren't half bad either - and just because we're now completely on the right side of the vernal equinox I thought it would be nice to make this post into a (visual) treat of ice cream and chocolate cake.

And just so you don't live in the illusion of me feasting my heart out in a more edible way this side of screen, these mouthwatering lovelies are actually... miniature jewellery! Quite amazing in their intricate details, don't you agree? See the layers of cake and mousse, the glossy chocolate glaze, the tiny strawberries with a wee heart inside on top.


And the ice cream texture, the strawberry bits and the wafer cones... Cute beyond words really. I have no idea how she creates all these intricate, realistic, miniature food pieces and dishes but oh, she does it so. very. well. See more of this wonderfully talented work at the PetitPlat Etsy shop

The three layer chocolate cake bobby pins are a treat for myself, just because the woolly hat wearing days are (almost) over and for those days a chocolate cake is not on the actual menu. The strawberry ice cream earrings are an upcoming birthday gift and I can't wait to see the recipient's reaction to her treat...

090327 010


giz said...

love the earrings - so nice.

Jan said...

These are great. Your link is incorrect, should be:

Stephanie Kilgast said...

Thank you a lot for that feature and those incredible photos! Really beautiful!
My shop name is PetitPlat though, not PetitPlait ^^

Pia K said...

Aren't they just, giz and Jan...:) Oops, sorry about that link mistake, thanks for pointing it out, Jan!

Glad you liked it, Stéphanie! Sorry about the name mistake, I really hate making them, so there, it's corrected now:)

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