Monday, March 09, 2009

Eating Out - Bananza

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Bakery Bananza is far from a cosy place to have lunch or coffee, situated in a, to say the least, unaesthetical modern brick building by a busy street with its top floor eating area of office lunchroom ambiance which you reach by a semi-rickety spiral staircase. Oh how I wish they could re-vamp the place!

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However, just about everything else is really lovely about the bakery/café, the staff is friendly and accommodating - you can get your sandwich freshly made with almost any ingredients and choice of bread you please - the prices are more than decent and oh by the way, with some exceptions the food (light lunches) and bread is really rather no frills lovely.

Their bread has in fact won several awards and their Lenten buns (semlor) have been voted if not always winner most always appeared on the top list of Stockholm based Swedish newspapers annual semla-lists (this is important stuff, you know.) They apparently even shipped those acclaimed semlas to New York for Fat Tuesday one year, I wonder what condition they arrived in.

The guests range from old hat wearing ladies feasting on pastries, high school kids, semi-pram mafia (that rickety staircase do has its obvious pros), lots of construction workers and such (food and bread is good who cares about the lack of cosiness), business people, couples, friends, pretty much a cross section of the Stockholm population I suppose.

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Despite its lack of cosy ambiance, I very much recommend a visit. For lunch or otherwise. Be sure to, if possible, get a seat overlooking the busy street Ringvägen, because there are quite a decent amount of characters in mostly people and dog shape to browse, watch and analyse that pass by there. As far as I'm concerned any food place with a view that offers entertaining analyzing prospects clearly gets extra points.

Konditori Bananza,
Ringvägen 36, Stockholm
open Mon-Fri 6.30-18 (6.30 am-6 pm),
Sat-Sun 8.30-17 (8.30 am-5 pm)


Jacqueline Meldrum said...

That food looks lovely! I could do with somewhere handy, like that :)

Terry said...

Oh yes Pia K.
The food does look lovely!
I can see that vegetarians do not lead a boring life.
The air of the place I would like too with all the interesting people you have mentioned.
I love people and I can almost feel the warmth in that restaurant Pia K...........Love Terry

Pia K said...

Glad you enjoyed, Holler. Well, I'm rather glad the place isn't too close to home I must admit...;)

Pleased that I managed to paint an inviting picture, Terry, and oh no, far from a boring life is to be a vegetarian, just pros!

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