Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Prunella, the Snow Explorer


The feline residence sharers aren't particularly keen on outdoor adventures during the snow season - the living room lounge is infinitely more appealing. And the indoor space is simply built for all sorts of crazy runs and cat fun - at least they all for some odd reason seem to have that impression in common.


Now and then some cat or other make a daring leap for some outdoor exploration in snow. The exploration is often cut very short due to the discovery of white cold ground for delicate, fussy cat feet. After making a dutiful saunter of the territory - not nearly as extensive as it is in spring-summer-autumn - I always get a reproachful look as if the poor weather conditions are my fault. Go figure.


Myself I think that red teams up very well with snow. Fussy paws or not. This is Prunella, daughter of Knut.


She happens to adore uncle Malte, the loaf dog extraordinaire (who actually is a red canine, Norfolk terrier shape, even if his current shade seems to imply otherwise.) He on the other paw is much more interested in keeping the feline household members in order since they have the most annoying habit of running around very aimlessly in the most appalling non-conformist way. It's a tough job but somedog's got to do it ~



Ralph said...

I was wondering if these felines are engaged in something useful - like digging in the snow for some rodent vermin, nature's version of Fast Food...

Felisol said...

Hi, Pia K,
Prunella is having a wonderful non-conformist time, that much I can see.
I always felt sorry for our cats when snow came.
They were outdoor cats (as well as indoor), but were clearly stalled in their freedom by this could white stuff.
You don't have snow still, or what?
From Felisol

Carletta said...

A beautiful strawberry blond she is!
Love those eyes!

Mines on my photoblog this week: Carletta’s Captures.

Columbo said...

I love cats and naturally I loved your Ruby Tuesday posting. Have a awesome RT.

Anonymous said...

awww, that is the cutest rear of a cat i've ever seen!:) healthy looking, isn't she? mine is up in my food blog!:)

Pia K said...

Their mere existence keep the rodents away, Ralph. The useful thing they're engaged in is keeping the cosy-factor of the household high. Now if they could just learn to empty the litter boxes themselves...

Oh but we do, Felisol, loads of snow here. One day blizzard, next day rain, next day freezing cold and ice everywhere, next day sunshine and so on. Weird weird weather...

Thanks, Carletta!

Thanks, Columbo!

Ha, ha, thanks, ces, she has the perfect example of what me and a friend call "auntie bum":)

Tink *~*~* said...

I cannot find fault with Prunella. I would not to walk through snow in my bare feet, either.

Tink *~*~*
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Strolling EPCOT’s World Showcase at Walt Disney World

EG CameraGirl said...

Prunella is smart to be cautious. It looks cold. ;-)

Pia K said...

Well, I wouldn't either I guess, Tink...:) Thanks for visiting.

Smart and smart, just spoilt, YEGTG...;)

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