Thursday, March 05, 2009

Tea with Teasy


I've most always found tea strainers to leave a whole lot more to be desired, two of the major problems with most of them being they either leak tea leaves and/or they're ridiculously messy to clean.

But I do believe I've now found what I've been looking for, the perfect tea strainer. Teasy Colorette, this plastic strainer comes in a bunch of different colours, looks like a colourful pod from outer space, easy to fill, does not leak and is super easy to clean. Some designer has finally put some thought and care into the convenient details, thus making it very practical as well as durable. Though one should get a couple of them in order to, with the handle, easily scoop out the used tea from both ends (handle + pod itself) of the strainer. But since the price is very reasonable and the colours rather difficult to chose just one from I don't concider that a huge problem.

Works perfect with the organic teas I wrote about the other day, I even got them at the same place as the teas. For other retailers, please do an online search. Bonus is that the colourful pod-from-outer-space look is a perky mood lifter any gloomy day. With some tea they make a simple and great gift for any tea lover.



Anne said...

Oh - how cute! :) Must get - I hate leaky tea strainers.

Wendy said...

These are wonderful! Can't find an online supplier but am going to keep looking.

Unknown said...

They are so beautiful in the snow. They look like joyous harbingers of spring.

Pia K said...

The weird thing is that I can't seem to find a website or the manufacturers of the Teasy, Wendy, just some Swedish webshops. I'll have to ask at the café where I got mine. Maybe this blog should be selling then, huh...;)

Indeed they are, Kari, perky plastic flowers:)

Pia K said...

Oh you definitely should, Anne, they're great, and cute, in their simplicity!

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